Healthy Smiles Program

Do you want to win an Amazon gift card?  If the answer is yes, all you have to do is have your dentist fill out this form and you will be entered to win!  All patients starting treatment will receive two of these as you should be visiting your dentist for a cleaning twice a year.  After your visit, have someone in the office fill this form out, bring it to your next orthodontic appointment, and we will put you into our drawing!  We choose a winner every August and February.  We want to reward you for staying healthy!

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Buzzy Booth

Welcome, Buzzy Booth!

Here at Aszkler Orthodontics we have had so much fun with our new selfie photo booth, Buzzy Booth!  Grab your mom, grandpa, a friend, or even Dr. Rob, choose a filter and say CHEESE!  Not only can you text this to your phone, you can post it to your social media account!

Here are some easy steps to follow for Buzzy Booth:         

1.  Select a filter from the right side of the screen.                                                                     

2.  Select photo or video and get ready! 

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 Check out the fun!


I completed my treatment!!!

I can not be happier with my final results!  Dr. Rob is a perfectionist that is for sure!

I would do this journey over again if it ever came to that.... that's how easy and enjoyable it was! 

All the time and and effort I put into my end of the work was well worth it!

A big shout out to all the amazing assistants for making my journey all that better!

Feeling Excited!

I am half way through treatment, can you believe it!!! 

One of the changes that I have always wanted to make was to widen my smile, which I didn't think was possible.  But it is!!!  I was so focused on straightening my bottom teeth that I didn't even take notice at how my upper teeth did widen.  Take a look at the before and after picture below.  The top picture was taken in October and the bottom picture was taken in January.  I am so thrilled!!!

Refinement Appointment

Hello all!  Hope you are all enjoying my Invisalign thus far.  I know I sure am! This week I reached another milestone in my treatment, I completed 16 trays put of 17. It was time for my refinement appointment!  Dr. Rob took off my Invisalign attachments and re-scanned my teeth for new trays!  

For those of you that are unfamiliar with all the details of Invisalign, attachments are small tooth colored buttons of material that are bonded onto teeth during Invisalign treatment. Their purpose is to provide additional “grip” for the aligners so that more difficult or complex tooth movements are possible. They can be used on any number of teeth, depending on the preferences of your Orthodontist and how a certain needs to move. Some lucky people have none, and some have a lot.

I am relieved and excited to report however, that it is really not that bad to get the attachments off. Yes, there is a little of the same sensation of vibration as when getting a filling done, as the attachment is filed off, but because it is on the outside of your tooth and the file is not in contact with any of your tooth’s own structure. The vibrations do not travel through your head in the same way it would when getting a filling drilled. Also, the removal of each attachment seemed to take no more that 15-20 seconds of filing, compared to the 30 minutes to an hour that one can experience when having a larger filling done. So although there was some vibration it had barely started before it finished.

After the initial filing was completed, Dr. Rob switched to a smaller polisher and ran it across the tooth’s surface where the attachment had been just to remove any last traces of the attachment- and it was finished! The whole process of removing my attachments was over in less than five minutes, start to finish.  My only complaint would be the air that was effecting the sensitivity of some teeth. But I just took deep breathes and before I could react to the sensitivity it was over. 

Check out my attachment free smile below! 

This appointment also consisted of having new progress photos taken in addition to a new intra oral scan of my teeth.  These photos and scan will be sent to Invisalign to have them make my new set of trays.  I will for sure keep you posted on my next appointment. At this next appointment, Dr. Rob will place new attachments…. So stay tuned on their new location…


Exciting news regarding Invisalign!

So back in the day, Dr. Rob used to have to take goopy impressions for all Invisalign patients.  But we are happy to announce that Invisalign now accepts our digital intra-oral scan impressions! With the old impressions, it used to take 6 weeks for the trays to be available for patients.  But with the digital 3Shape scanner, we now receive Invisalign trays with in 2 weeks! Yahoooooooo!!!!! 

no-mess (2).jpg

IPR appointment

My appointment went great today!  I have to continue concentrating on biting my bite tabs by my laterals, they were not tracking to well today.  Our assistant Lori said that the laterals are the most challenging to track.  Failing to track means that the teeth stop following the aligners.

At today's appointment I had some IPR done in between my upper and lower central incisors. IPR= Tooth shaving between the teeth. SEE picture below!

I was given tray #11 out of #17. So by the sounds of it you would think I only have 6 more weeks of trays left then I am done with my Invisalign Treatment.  But I want to note that Dr. Rob is a perfectionist.  He warned me that at my next appointment he will take a look at every tooth and if they are not where he wants them he will do whats called "Invisalign Refinement" for the next appointment.  

Even with good aligner wear throughout your treatment, most teeth may move super well, but some may get left a little behind.  Refinements help take care of the usually minor discrepancies, and are usually normal with everyones treatment.

*** Just keep in mind there is always the possibility of refinements.***


Stay tuned and lets see how the next appointment goes! 

Tray #10 out of #17

So it was the morning of " Tray changing day"  I put in my top trays and noticed immediate discomfort with my upper tray.  Look in photos below.  It is the section of the tray that has some of the tray cut out/designed differently to hold in elastics (rubber bands).  I was shocked when I saw this. I placed the trays on my upper teeth and unfortunately the newly designed tray was cutting both sides of my upper inside lip.  NOT FUN... I gave it a whole day before mentioning anything to Dr. Rob.  ( Look at the 4th tooth from the back)

( Look at the 5th tooth from the back)

I was not a happy camper.  They were really cutting up the inside of my lips.  Dr. Rob told me that he has Invisalign design these trays to help hold elastics.  Elastics are to be worn to help fix certain bites.  But Dr. Rob came to my rescue.....

I was not a happy camper.  They were really cutting up the inside of my lips.  Dr. Rob told me that he has Invisalign design these trays to help hold elastics.  Elastics are to be worn to help fix certain bites.  But Dr. Rob came to my rescue.....

He made my day a whole lot brighter... He trimmed the tray to smooth down the area that was scratching my lip.  I felt an immediate difference.  

He made my day a whole lot brighter... He trimmed the tray to smooth down the area that was scratching my lip.  I felt an immediate difference.  

I am a much happier patient!!  Please note- if you are ever in discomfort with your trays, braces or appliances... please always know that Dr. Rob will do what he can to make the transition a happier one! 

I am a much happier patient!!  Please note- if you are ever in discomfort with your trays, braces or appliances... please always know that Dr. Rob will do what he can to make the transition a happier one! 

Check out my movement!

The first photo is of my lower teeth on 9/27/16 

The second photo is of my lower teeth on 11/23/16 

Reminder- Those bumps on my teeth pictured in the second photo are my attachments!

It is so great to see movement!!!

Thumbs down today for my adjustment appointment

Hello everyone!  Well first and foremost I came to my appointment on November 3rd without my trays in.... I wore them all day, but as soon as I sat in the chair I threw them in the garbage because I was so anxious to get my new trays, and the previous trays were slightly stained from drinking coffee with them in.  So, Dr. Rob was not able to check my previous trays and see how they were tracking.  When he put in my new trays he could tell right off the bat that I was not using my bite tabs as well or as often as I should have.  I have to be honest, I have been lazy with them, and sometimes I chew on them too long where it gives me a headache and that leads me to just taking a few days off from chewing them.  What I should do is literally only chew them for 20 minutes a day.  I think I learned my lesson today!  I am getting super excited because I can so tell the difference in the movement of my teeth.  Its so exciting to see the next set of trays and see how each tray becomes straighter and straighter!!

Clean teeth move FASTER then not so clean teeth!

You will hear Dr. Rob and his assistant preach that, "Clean teeth move faster then not so clean teeth."  Proper hygiene is crucial when in orthodontic treatment.

Taking good care of your Invisalign is essential for avoiding complications while they are on. You will end up with great-looking teeth once they're off, if you maintain up keep with keeping your teeth and trays clean.

No matter how much money and time you've already invested in your Invisalign, proper- oral care is still the key to walking away with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Doing great and feeling great!

I just started switching my trays every week wear instead of every two weeks.  I am now a month or so into treatment and I am getting excited because I am starting to see minor movement take place with my teeth.  The attachments do not bother me at all any more either!  I am looking forward to what another month of wear will do to my teeth!  I still have a lot more months to go, but its exciting to see the change! 

Oh no... the feeling you get when you realize you can't keep your Invisalign trays in because you eat too much during the day...

Yep that would be me folks!  I tend to graze during the day on snacks and what not.  The only thing is I can not keep my trays in while I eat, therefore they are not in my mouth as often as they should be, therefore they are not straightening my teeth as often as they should be.... therefore I need to cut down on snacking so much.  So if any of you out there are looking to drop a quick ten pounds, come in for a complementary consult and get started on your Invisalign treatment today!!!

Family Bonding with Invisalign

The fun part about having Invisalign is teaching my 5 and 6 year old about it, and why it's important to have straight teeth with a healthy clean smile as well as a confident smile.  They are always asking question about dental health.  They are very intrigued and I love it!  Enjoy the pictures below of my daughter who is my at home Dental Assistant! She helps place my trays on my teeth and loves to help clean my trays too!  She keeps asking me when she is going to get scrubs to wear and a name tag.  Stay tuned... I might just surprise her with some this weekend!

Life with attachments


  • Well It has been a solid week since I had my attachments placed. I literally bite the inside of my cheeks for the first 4 days.  It was not pretty.  Once when having dinner with my sister, she could hear the crunch that happened when I bit my lip from across the table.  I wanted to cry and rip off my attachments, I hated eating at this point.  I felt afraid to ever take my aligners out in fear that I would bite my cheeks.  I religiously gargled with warm salt water and hydrogen peroxide to help aid in the healing of my missing chunks! ( sorry if this sounds so graphic) Once day 5 approached my mouth seemed to have healed nicely.  My mouth was now getting used to eating with the attachments.  I am now enjoying my Invisalign like I was hoping too!  It was a great feeling.  I am usually not one to complain, I typically adapt to change and routine fast, and was a little taken back by my negative thoughts towards my attachments.  I never hear any of our patients complain about their attachments which also concerned me.  I thought, am I the only one who hates these.  But I'm telling you, literally after 4 days, I AM ENJOYING THESE and they have NOT become a big deal! 

  • See sample below of me enjoying my Invisalign smile and the new snap chat filter!  Yes people, Aszkler Orthodontics is on Snapchat, follow us at - Aszklerortho

Attachments 101

  • The first two weeks with my trays were great.  No complaints.  Just something new to get used to.  I then had my attachment appointment on October 5th 2016.  I have to be honest, I was very apprehensive about this appointment, because I had a busy weekend that up coming weekend and did not want to feel embarrassed for all to see my new attachments.  I thought they were going to be very visible.  Well that complex came from the fact that I am up close to our patients teeth that have these attachments on. Therefore I see them and notice them much more then an average person.  But I became convinced by Dr. Rob and the assistants that no one would even notice them.  So there we have it, I went thought with the attachment appointment.  

  • See pictures below.

The attachment appointment was very easy.  It took no more then an hour.

  • The procedure for getting the attachments on was really no big deal.  They propped my lips open with cheek retractors. The orthodontist assistant cleaned the surfaces of the teeth where the attachments would be put on, inserted suction to absorb excess saliva. The assistant then did some  preparatory things including, putting glue on my teeth. Then Dr. Rob came in, literally put them on (via a template which is fundamentally a softer version of my current aligner) then from there the assistant cured the attachments with some light on a small hand-held wand. Once my attachments were properly cured, she then removed the template. Dr. Rob then used some vibrating instrument to clean away the excess glue that got between my teeth and other places it shouldn’t have been. 

  •  In addition to having the attachments placed, I also had IPR done during this appointment. Interproximal reduction (IPR) is a quick and easy procedure during which Dr. Rob uses some very precise tools to change the shape and size of your teeth, primarily on the sides where they touch each other. In my case this was done because of the shape of some of my teeth.  This  will now allow my teeth to lay next to each other ideally once movement takes place. It was painless! I would compare it to filing a finger nail.  

  •  Post appointment I was fine.  No sourness, no discomfort.  The new trays fit well.  The biggest hurdle I faced with the bumpy attachments was mouth irritations.  This was ONLY when I had my aligners OUT WHILE EATING. When the time came for to eat lunch, it was my first time eating since having my new attachments placed. And let me tell you, I bit inside of my cheeks like 4 times.  Pretty good bites too.  (No worries, I will not show a sample picture of this!) This was something I needed to adjust to, and its due to my bite being off a little by these attachments, therefore when I bite down, my inside cheeks slip under my teeth.  It will be something that I will just have to be conscious of and soon my mouth will become used to these attachments rubbing against the inside of my cheeks.  

I have started my treatment with Invisalign!!! Follow me as I share my journey!

  • So It all started back when I was 18 years old and got my braces off.   I was advised by my Orthodontist to wear a retainer.  Long story short, I did not faithfully wear it and then I lost it.  I was young and naive and never went back for a new retainer.  Well as I continued to age, my teeth continued to shift  (part of the natural aging process).  But if I would have worn my retainer as I should have, my teeth would have not shifted.  

  • Here I am now, as a proud patient at Aszkler Orthodontics!  Follow me through my journey. Ask questions, and make comments!  I'm excited for this new transformation that is about to take place. 

  • My first appointment was a Complementary Consultation.  It consisted of Dr. Rob doing an oral exam followed by discussion on how he can move my teeth and what appliances would work best.  He said braces would be an overkill and that Invisalign would be best.  Plus I told him I would only choose braces if I could only wear them for no more then 3 months.  He laughed, because of course that is not reasonable!

  • I then had diagnostic photos taken of my teeth and three heads shots. 

  • See sample below

Diagnostic Photos











  • The second appointment was my impressions appointment.  A dental impression was completed, which is simply a copy of my teeth.  To make one the assistant placed impression putty in a tray and then squished it over my teeth and gums.  Took no longer then 5 minutes.  Easy appointment! 6 weeks later my trays were in.  They gave me my first tray.  It was very easy to place and remove.  I was advised to bite on bite tabs to help keep the Invisalign tray snug to my teeth to help aid in the movement of my teeth

  •  See example picture of bite tab below.


  • They told me to bite on the bite tabs until it became as flat as a pancake.  Well lets just say I ran with that advise and bit on it for literally 6 hours straight.  During that process I had no issues biting on it.  It wasn't util later that night I went to eat dinner and realized I could hardly open my jaw.  Well, that was my fault, I should have only chewed on the bite tabs for 20 minutes, not 6 hours!!!  I will not do that again.  I find it effective to bite the bite tabs for 20 minutes a day or more.  I also find it effective and easy to bite on them while driving, watching T.V. or while doing dishes.  Other than that they are not a big deal at all. 

  • As far as cleaning my trays, I added them to my morning routine.  I clean them every morning with dish soap.  I found it easiest by keeping a small container of dish soap and a separate tooth brush in the bathroom.  

  •  See picture below.