Orthodontic Emergency Care

Major orthodontic emergencies are relatively rare. That being said, they can and do happen, and it is important to seek immediate attention. A minor orthodontic issue is something you can usually take care of yourself, or wait until your scheduled appointment for care, based on the severity. A direct injury to the mouth, jaw or teeth is an orthodontic emergency. If you injure your mouth, jaw or teeth you should see a doctor or dentist immediately. X-rays may be taken to determine the extent of your injury. If the injury affects the orthodontic appliance in your mouth, it may need to be removed, replaced, or adjusted.

Examples of minor orthodontic emergencies include:

  • A wire that is poking lips or cheeks
  • A loose appliance, bracket, wire or elastic band.
  • Soreness

All of these issues can happen as a result of normal usage. Eating very hard or sticky foods can also cause these problems. Vigorously brushing your teeth can sometimes factor in as well. These issues are not necessarily emergencies unless they are accompanied by pain or discomfort.

So, as for at home remedies: covering a loose bracket or wire with wax can be a quick and easy fix to alleviate any pain or discomfort until you can get into the office to visit with Dr. Aszkler. Be sure to sterilize the next few tools. Poking wires can be moved with a pair of tweezers, or clipped down with nail clippers. Cover the clipped ends with a small dab of wax.

Soreness in the mouth after orthodontic work is normal. You can take some Tylenol prior to, and after your orthodontic treatment to help ease any pain.

Make sure to call us right away with any questions. We'll provide answers for you, as well as make an appointment for you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!