Attachments 101

  • The first two weeks with my trays were great.  No complaints.  Just something new to get used to.  I then had my attachment appointment on October 5th 2016.  I have to be honest, I was very apprehensive about this appointment, because I had a busy weekend that up coming weekend and did not want to feel embarrassed for all to see my new attachments.  I thought they were going to be very visible.  Well that complex came from the fact that I am up close to our patients teeth that have these attachments on. Therefore I see them and notice them much more then an average person.  But I became convinced by Dr. Rob and the assistants that no one would even notice them.  So there we have it, I went thought with the attachment appointment.  

  • See pictures below.

The attachment appointment was very easy.  It took no more then an hour.

  • The procedure for getting the attachments on was really no big deal.  They propped my lips open with cheek retractors. The orthodontist assistant cleaned the surfaces of the teeth where the attachments would be put on, inserted suction to absorb excess saliva. The assistant then did some  preparatory things including, putting glue on my teeth. Then Dr. Rob came in, literally put them on (via a template which is fundamentally a softer version of my current aligner) then from there the assistant cured the attachments with some light on a small hand-held wand. Once my attachments were properly cured, she then removed the template. Dr. Rob then used some vibrating instrument to clean away the excess glue that got between my teeth and other places it shouldn’t have been. 

  •  In addition to having the attachments placed, I also had IPR done during this appointment. Interproximal reduction (IPR) is a quick and easy procedure during which Dr. Rob uses some very precise tools to change the shape and size of your teeth, primarily on the sides where they touch each other. In my case this was done because of the shape of some of my teeth.  This  will now allow my teeth to lay next to each other ideally once movement takes place. It was painless! I would compare it to filing a finger nail.  

  •  Post appointment I was fine.  No sourness, no discomfort.  The new trays fit well.  The biggest hurdle I faced with the bumpy attachments was mouth irritations.  This was ONLY when I had my aligners OUT WHILE EATING. When the time came for to eat lunch, it was my first time eating since having my new attachments placed. And let me tell you, I bit inside of my cheeks like 4 times.  Pretty good bites too.  (No worries, I will not show a sample picture of this!) This was something I needed to adjust to, and its due to my bite being off a little by these attachments, therefore when I bite down, my inside cheeks slip under my teeth.  It will be something that I will just have to be conscious of and soon my mouth will become used to these attachments rubbing against the inside of my cheeks.