Life with attachments


  • Well It has been a solid week since I had my attachments placed. I literally bite the inside of my cheeks for the first 4 days.  It was not pretty.  Once when having dinner with my sister, she could hear the crunch that happened when I bit my lip from across the table.  I wanted to cry and rip off my attachments, I hated eating at this point.  I felt afraid to ever take my aligners out in fear that I would bite my cheeks.  I religiously gargled with warm salt water and hydrogen peroxide to help aid in the healing of my missing chunks! ( sorry if this sounds so graphic) Once day 5 approached my mouth seemed to have healed nicely.  My mouth was now getting used to eating with the attachments.  I am now enjoying my Invisalign like I was hoping too!  It was a great feeling.  I am usually not one to complain, I typically adapt to change and routine fast, and was a little taken back by my negative thoughts towards my attachments.  I never hear any of our patients complain about their attachments which also concerned me.  I thought, am I the only one who hates these.  But I'm telling you, literally after 4 days, I AM ENJOYING THESE and they have NOT become a big deal! 

  • See sample below of me enjoying my Invisalign smile and the new snap chat filter!  Yes people, Aszkler Orthodontics is on Snapchat, follow us at - Aszklerortho