Thumbs down today for my adjustment appointment

Hello everyone!  Well first and foremost I came to my appointment on November 3rd without my trays in.... I wore them all day, but as soon as I sat in the chair I threw them in the garbage because I was so anxious to get my new trays, and the previous trays were slightly stained from drinking coffee with them in.  So, Dr. Rob was not able to check my previous trays and see how they were tracking.  When he put in my new trays he could tell right off the bat that I was not using my bite tabs as well or as often as I should have.  I have to be honest, I have been lazy with them, and sometimes I chew on them too long where it gives me a headache and that leads me to just taking a few days off from chewing them.  What I should do is literally only chew them for 20 minutes a day.  I think I learned my lesson today!  I am getting super excited because I can so tell the difference in the movement of my teeth.  Its so exciting to see the next set of trays and see how each tray becomes straighter and straighter!!