IPR appointment

My appointment went great today!  I have to continue concentrating on biting my bite tabs by my laterals, they were not tracking to well today.  Our assistant Lori said that the laterals are the most challenging to track.  Failing to track means that the teeth stop following the aligners.

At today's appointment I had some IPR done in between my upper and lower central incisors. IPR= Tooth shaving between the teeth. SEE picture below!

I was given tray #11 out of #17. So by the sounds of it you would think I only have 6 more weeks of trays left then I am done with my Invisalign Treatment.  But I want to note that Dr. Rob is a perfectionist.  He warned me that at my next appointment he will take a look at every tooth and if they are not where he wants them he will do whats called "Invisalign Refinement" for the next appointment.  

Even with good aligner wear throughout your treatment, most teeth may move super well, but some may get left a little behind.  Refinements help take care of the usually minor discrepancies, and are usually normal with everyones treatment.

*** Just keep in mind there is always the possibility of refinements.***


Stay tuned and lets see how the next appointment goes!