Refinement Appointment

Hello all!  Hope you are all enjoying my Invisalign thus far.  I know I sure am! This week I reached another milestone in my treatment, I completed 16 trays put of 17. It was time for my refinement appointment!  Dr. Rob took off my Invisalign attachments and re-scanned my teeth for new trays!  

For those of you that are unfamiliar with all the details of Invisalign, attachments are small tooth colored buttons of material that are bonded onto teeth during Invisalign treatment. Their purpose is to provide additional “grip” for the aligners so that more difficult or complex tooth movements are possible. They can be used on any number of teeth, depending on the preferences of your Orthodontist and how a certain needs to move. Some lucky people have none, and some have a lot.

I am relieved and excited to report however, that it is really not that bad to get the attachments off. Yes, there is a little of the same sensation of vibration as when getting a filling done, as the attachment is filed off, but because it is on the outside of your tooth and the file is not in contact with any of your tooth’s own structure. The vibrations do not travel through your head in the same way it would when getting a filling drilled. Also, the removal of each attachment seemed to take no more that 15-20 seconds of filing, compared to the 30 minutes to an hour that one can experience when having a larger filling done. So although there was some vibration it had barely started before it finished.

After the initial filing was completed, Dr. Rob switched to a smaller polisher and ran it across the tooth’s surface where the attachment had been just to remove any last traces of the attachment- and it was finished! The whole process of removing my attachments was over in less than five minutes, start to finish.  My only complaint would be the air that was effecting the sensitivity of some teeth. But I just took deep breathes and before I could react to the sensitivity it was over. 

Check out my attachment free smile below! 

This appointment also consisted of having new progress photos taken in addition to a new intra oral scan of my teeth.  These photos and scan will be sent to Invisalign to have them make my new set of trays.  I will for sure keep you posted on my next appointment. At this next appointment, Dr. Rob will place new attachments…. So stay tuned on their new location…