Meet Our Staff

Meet Angela!

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Angela is the Insurance and Financial Coordinator at Aszkler Orthodontics.  She has been hear for almost a year!  She will answer any questions you may have about your account and insurance, or anything else you may need! It is her first time working in the dental field and she enjoys learning about everything related to working on teeth. She likes to mix it up and sometimes you’ll see her helping out in the lab. She also orders appliances and Invisalign products for all of our patients. Don’t hesitate to ask her if you have any questions or just want to take a Snapchat!

5 fun facts about Angela

1. I think everything is funny and I love to laugh. 

2. I have a white husky with blue eyes. His name is Aspen and he’s the best dog ever. 

3. I collect Rae Dunn pottery. It’s a serious problem.

4. I am terrible at math but I love working with numbers (I’m pretty good at it suprisingly).

5. My favorite things are interior design, traveling, history reality TV shows.