Meet Dr. Rob!

Dr Rob is the Orthodontist here at Aszkler Orthodontics. Aszkler Orthodontics has been around for 40+ years.   The practice was started by his father, Stephen Aszkler. They are the only father and son orthodontic practice in WNY!  The main job of an orthodontist is to address and fix tooth and jaw alignment.


5 fun facts about Dr. Rob

1.  I was born and raised here in WNY.

2. I have a wife named Elizabeth, a son Miles, (5 and a half) a daughter Vivian, (3) and golden doodle named Marty.

3. I love to hunt, fish, and I love being outdoors.

4.  I love food and trying new foods.  One of my favorite things to eat is fresh seafood.

5.  On my off days I teach residents in Dental School with my dad!