What Sets Us Apart

What is an orthodontist?

The title of orthodontist is reserved for only specialists who have undergone two or more years of additional postdoctoral education from an accredited university. Only six percent of all general dentists pursue the rigorous additional training required to become an orthodontist.

In addition to having completed this training, Aszkler Orthodontics is a proud supporter and member of the American Association of Orthodontists. Aszkler Orthodontics is the only father-and-son practice in Western New York. As a patient, you will receive personal attention from one of the Drs. Aszkler at every appointment. Parents are always welcome in the clinic area to observe their child’s treatment and ask any questions.

Our Caring Staff

Always cheerful and friendly, many of our team members have been with our office for several years. Our staff has been carefully selected to provide you with the best quality of service possible. Our clinical staff consists of Certified Orthodontic Assistants (C.O.A.) and a Certified Dental Hygienist (who have had additional training and qualifications to provide excellent orthodontic care).

Aszkler Orthodontics has a dedicated team of individuals who take pride in our work and it is our goal to make your orthodontic experience successful, fun, and rewarding.

Recommendations from Patients

Many of our patients referred to our office are from patients and parents who are either in treatment or have completed their treatment with us. One of the highest compliments we can receive is when our patients refer their friends and relatives to us!

Dental Professionals’ Recommendations

The dentists in our community that we have known for many years frequently refer their patients to our office. We have treated many members of their families. They have seen the consistently great smiles of their patients after treatment and have received positive feedback about our superior service.

It is very important to us that our referring doctors always feel comfortable about referring to us and that they know their patients will always be treated exceptionally well!

Advanced Technology is Our Standard

We have state-of-the-art technology to make your treatment as smooth and comfortable as possible, while obtaining the best results possible.

  • We offer custom Lightforce Braces and traditional metal brace. 
  • We NEVER recycle our brackets!
  • We utilize computer digital imaging, which provides a cutting-edge approach to diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • We offer Invisalign® treatment, which can correct problems without braces.
  • We offer OrthoPulse® and accelerated orthodontic treatment for adults and children who want to complete orthodontic treatment as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • If needed, we offer combined treatment of orthodontics and surgery for severe jaw alignment abnormalities.
  • Every member of our staff regularly attends continuing education programs to stay up to date on the newest technologies available.
  • We utilize a computerized system that sends appointment reminders via your email or text message to your phone.

Convenient and Affordable Financial Options

We offer a variety of payment options, including:

  • Full payment at the start of treatment, and you would receive a three-percent bookkeeping courtesy
  • Down payment and automatic monthly payments with no interest charge
  • Automatic payments using a credit card, debit card, or bank account
  • OrthoFi financing for flexible down payments and monthly payment plans

Complimentary Evaluation: Prevention is the Key

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children should receive their first orthodontic evaluation by age seven. Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality of orthodontic care for each patient at the most appropriate time in their development and to keep them in braces for the least amount of time.

By seven years of age, Dr. Aszkler can tell you if your child is expressing any unusual growth patterns. Recognizing these problems at this age can make treatment easier and simpler, and in most cases prevent the need for extractions or surgery and alleviate harmful habits in the future.

Most of the time, no early interceptive treatment is required and Dr. Aszkler performs a complimentary service of monitoring the child’s growth and development. This furnishes families with PEACE OF MIND, knowing the doctor is carefully watching their son or daughter’s growth and development.

Clear Communication and a Conservative Approach

We often provide second opinions for patients who are unclear about their treatment options. We welcome the opportunity to communicate in a manner that makes sense. Examinations and consultations at our Hamburg and Orchard Park orthodontic offices are complimentary.

We pride ourselves on creating the most beautiful smiles by using a conservative approach to treatment planning. Surgery and extractions are avoided whenever possible. Treatment is recommended only when it is truly needed.

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